Have A Waste Service Question?

We Can Help!

If you do not find the answers you are looking for on this page, please call us and our professional and friendly staff will be glad to assist! Call 765-942-5034 for assistance. 

The night before your service day or by 4 am on your service day. 

Please visit our Pay Your Bill page to pay online. For other billing questions please call the office at 765-942-5034.

Please call the office at (765) 942-5034 for assistance. 

Trash Bandits is happy to provide a second cart at an additional cost of $15 monthly. To request an additional cart please call the office at (765) 942-5034.

Card board, glass, pop cans, and most plastics are accepted for recycling. 

No house hold trash, hazardous materials, liquids or other non-recyclable items. 

Trash Bandits provides weekly trash and biweekly recycling service. 

Trash Bandits provides 96 gallon carts.

Your service will begin as close to the date you select during the sign up process as possible. Actual start date is determined by account setup, cart delivery (if needed) and service day. 

Please call the office at (765) 942-5034. Note: Refunds are not provided if service is cancelled. 

Please call the office at (765) 942-5034 or login to your account. 

By your mailbox is always best. 

We will be running a one day delay for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Fourth of July and Labor Day holidays. If there are any other changes you will receive an email. 

Yes! Please call the office at (765) 942-5034 to let us know the dates that you do not need service. 

Please call the office at (765) 942-5034 to schedule a bulky item pickup. An additional charge may apply. 

For those customers using Trash Bandit provided or their own cart or carts, an occasional extra bag outside of the cart is fine. If you find that you are having extra trash outside of your cart on a regular basis, please contact us to add a second cart to your service. Call (765) 942-5034.